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Five Fold Ministry - The Apostle

The Apostle is represented by the thumb on the hand of God. The thumb is the only finger that can touch all the other fingers. This means the apostle to a degree can walk in any of the offices. Maybe not with quite the same anointing and authority as a person holding a particular office, but nevertheless, enough to do about anything the Lord needs done if the other offices are not available. This is why they are a foundation layer for building the Kingdom of God. They, along with the prophets can establish a work and do the job until God brings in the rest of the team. With this appendage in place the hand of God can make a fist and power against the rulers of darkness is released to restore, renew, establish and regain dominion over this planet. Without the restoration of the office of apostle, or any one of the offices for that matter, the government of God is incomplete and fragmented.


The number twelve is symbolic of government in the Bible and we see that the first apostles were that exact number. They were even known as the twelve by the people of their day. These gallant men were martyred and sown to the ground so that a latter end time harvest of apostles could come forth even more fruitful, based on the spiritual law found at John 12:24.


John 12:24

24 “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone but if it dies, it produces much grain.


What are these end time apostles like? Well for one thing, like their predecessors, the anointing that is on their lives can restore an old house of God, or build a new one. The apostle is one of God's greatest weapons against religion and tradition, and in fact all carnality. They insist on holiness and separation for the true church. So along with the prophets they do not mind a bit ripping up and pulling out the dross and mold that has tainted the church for so long. They will defend truth and spiritual law and not be afraid of religious leaders with big followings, money or power that come against them.


Apostles, along with the prophets have the gifting to understand the rhema word and so are instrumental in restoring truth, which has been lost or forgotten as the church went through the dark ages, and they will do so at all costs. They are quite unafraid to attack false doctrines and criticize man's tradition. Where traveling ministers in the past for the most part have been afraid to speak a truth that may offend the people, the latter day apostle, like the early church, will tell it like it is, regardless of the consequences. This is the nature of God operating through the Apostolic and prophetic people. The softness of the Lamb is evident to love and care for the flock of God, but the aggression and boldness of the Lion opposes the enemy.


Apostles are aware and understand that the spirits that are operating through the complacent and lukewarm church today are no different from the spirits of the old church. These spirits cause people to have eyes, but not see, and ears that don't hear. There is a spiritual dullness. Then there are those who are so caught up in worldliness that they have no interest in the things of God at all. But you see, judgment cannot come to even those that have no love for truth without them first being given the opportunity to accept it or reject it. In other words, the apostles put the truth out there for all, but do not expect everyone to eagerly hear or accept it. Some that they minister the word to will turn out to be whitewashed graves, a brood of vipers, ones that cannot hear God's words through their message just like Jesus said many of those in the early church were. He also said many years ago that this kind are not His sheep so the word is given to these for judgment only, but it must be given to appease the scripture in Matthew 24:14.

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Sunday School - 9:30 am
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Watchmen on the Wall Prayer - 7:00 pm


Women's Ministry every first Saturday - 10:00am-12:00 pm

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