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 04:34:42 PM (UTC)
 Doris tyler
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God has taken me to a deeper worship it started 20 years ago He spoke a word into me and it kept growing I worship with sword rod flags shofar and He tells me what colors to where I make my own clothes and He speak to me through the colors and dance I have visions I enter into the Holy of HOlies what I am saying is the churh has gone cold I was recently told to stop using sword and rod because they were afraid people would think we were crazy now I was able to do this all this time what has happened I feel the church needs to learn about this also for it is part of His KIngdom I found your website and sent it to my Pastor but no comment I had to leave for I don't listen to man but God I am not ashame of God or what people think some people don't understand the move of the Spirit please pray for me I fasted and prayed and I am now waiting and lay here at night having visions He lead me to your website I have no one I live in Jersey thank you for taking your time to read this may the Lord keep pouring out His blessing upon you in Jesus name amen